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  • MicroDelta Original 3D printer
  • MicroDelta Original 3D printer
  • MicroDelta Original 3D printer
  • MicroDelta Original 3D printer

MicroDelta Original 3D printer

This product has been replaced by the MicroDelta Rework.

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300,00 € VAT inc.
250,00 € VAT exc.
MicroDelta Original 3D printerOut of stock 
30,00 € VAT inc.
25,00 € VAT exc.
MicroDelta Original heatbed complete KitEco-participation : 0,08 € VAT inc. 
40,00 € VAT inc.
33,33 € VAT exc.
Spool holder kit for MicroDelta Original 
39,90 € VAT inc.
33,25 € VAT exc.
LCD Screen 20x4 for Teensylu (MicroDelta Original)Eco-participation : 0,01 € VAT inc. 
16,00 € VAT inc.
13,33 € VAT exc.
LED ringEco-participation : 0,01 € VAT inc. 
Total : 300.00
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Warning: this product has been replaced by the MicroDelta Rework.

The MicroDelta Original is an original creation by eMotion Tech based on a delta architecture. The design of this 3D printer provides intuitive installation and ease of use which does not affect the reliability and product robustness.
Unlike a Cartesian CNC machine, the MicroDelta Rework works with 3 parallel axes. This system allows high speed and high print height.

MicroDelta Original specifications
  • Easy to assemble: A 3D printer kit intuitive assembly
  • Electronics and simplified wiring, solderless
  • Belt ajustement with ergonomic tensioners
  • Easy to calibrate and setup : simplified software suitable for μDelta
  • Software-Calibration
  • Pre-configured open-source software (no upload firmware, Repetier Host and Slic3r pre-configured)
  • Dimensions: Height 440mm, Width 250mm, Depth 250mm
  • Print volume: 110mm diameter to 170mm height.
  • Layers thickness : 100 to 350 microns depending on the print settings
  • Filament Compatible: PLA (ABS, PA, PC, PETG with heatbed optional) in diameter 1.75mm
  • Nominal print speed: 60mm/s
  • Maximum travel speed: 200mm/s
  • Nominal travel speed: 120mm/s
  • Average precision (X, Y) 100 microns
  • Average accuracy (Z) 50 microns
  • Maximum print resolution: according to the assembly precision
  • Control board : Teensylu + 4 stepper drivers (firmware uploaded)
  • NEMA 17 motors
  • Drive pulley system - GT2 belt
  • Printing using a Hexagon extrusion head (interchangeable nozzles)
  • Default 0.4mm nozzle
  • Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7.8, Ubuntu 12+
  • Software provided, preconfigured Repetier for MicroDelta Original
  • USB connectivity
  • Power supplied 12V, 120W
  • Material structure : 5mm acrylic laser cutting, Core printed in ABS, Multiplex 12mm plate machined, 8mm steel shafts ground
  • Motors bracket : steel mount for nema 17
  • Rods support printed in PLA
  • Plastic injected linkage rods
The kit includes
  • All the spare parts
  • A plastic sample (no plastic spool provided in the kit)

Detailed documentation
Please refer to the manual in our download section to get an idea of the assembly.

MicroDelta Original add-ons
In order to customize your printer or to make its use even more pleasant, it is possible to add different elements
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