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  • 3D printer UP Plus 2

3D printer UP Plus 2

Portable desktop printer UP Plus 2
The most awarded 3D printer
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5 / 5
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The UP! Plus 2 was designed to produce strong and durable parts for your office or workshop. The printer control software is very intuitive and it is taken into relatively simple and quick hands. This will allow you to quickly obtain real prototypes from 3D models (CAD).

product description
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Ideal Model for professionals, engineers, schools, designers and technology enthusiasts
  • Automatic Calibration (nozzle height + tray upgrade)
  • Award "Best in Class" award from the Make magazine
  • Melt Coating technology (FDM)
  • The printer comes assembled, simply install the supplied software and follow the procedure
Intelligent management breakable materials
  • breakable materials
  • UP software! You will achieve all kinds of coins you want thanks to its intelligent print management. So if your model has parts door overhang, the printer will create materials that will support your piece structure. At the end of printing, you can remove the last with fingers.
Before printing, the software will indicate the amount of material to be used and the time required for production.

Printing in color
The consumable coils used with the UP! Plus 2 will be available in different colors depending on the material used:
  • ABS: White, Blue, Yellow, Black, Red; Green
  • PLA: White, Blue, Grey, Nature, Black, Orange, Burgundy, Green

No size limit
The print area is 14x14x13.5 cm but you can divide your model into several parts in modeling and paste after printing to get your final prototype.

Included in the kit
  • 3 perforated printing plates
  • USB cable
  • The power supply
  • ABS Roll
  • Tool Kit
Technical Specifications
  • Print Dimensions: 140 (L) x140 (L) x135 (H) mm
  • Selecting the Resolution: 0.15mm (150μ) to 0.4mm (400μ)
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Consumable: ABS Official and PLA Official (diameter 1.75mm)
  • Windows and Mac compatible software
  • Recognized Files: stl
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