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  • Inductive sensor 12mm (kit)
  • Inductive sensor 12mm (kit)
  • Inductive sensor 12mm (kit)

Inductive sensor 12mm (kit)

inductive sensor and control board, ideal for auto-leveling and easy probing for RAMPS 1.4
Out of stock
This kit contains
  • 1 Inductive Sensor
  • 1 electronic adapter
3 wires
Normaly open
probing length : 2mm
This board allows you to connect an inductive or capacitive sensor directly on the Ramps board.

  • LED signal indicator (signal inverted)
  • 4 connectors:
    • female on the 12V of the Ramps board
    • female on the D12 VCC 5V pins of the Ramps board
    • male dedicated to the inductive sensor
    • male for 12V output (e.g. fans)
  • Insulation of the 12V and 5V with an Opto-isolator
  • Dimensions: 26 x 21mm
Note: If needed you can rewire the E/S to be compatible with any other controller board

How to use the board:
Before anything: Please download the last Marlin firmware
Usually, Zprobe is connected to the Zmin pin, so you will have to change several things:
  • In configuration.h: configure the following line, "const bool Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop."
  • In pins.h: in the Ramps configuration (motherboard 33) configure the Zmin pin to D12 : "#define Z_MIN_PIN          12 //  18 " (it should be around the line 612)
Caution: If you are configuring yourself the firmware do NOT forget to set the pinout to the "INPUT" mode. ("OUTPUT" mode will damage this board)

Board changelog:
13/10/2015: Rev2.0, LED added. Smaller board, better and stronger connectors. Board specialized for NPN sensors. Licence is now GPL V2
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