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  • Stepper driver for eMotronic board
  • Stepper driver for eMotronic board

Stepper driver for eMotronic board

Based on A4982 chip.
Max current per coil: 1.5A

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This driver is an open-source board developped by eMotion Tech, dedicated to control a stepper motor for a logic voltage of 3.3V.
It controls the rotation of the motor depending on the instructions received by the motherboard. There is a potentiometer on the driver in order to limit the motor's torque
This one is a complement driver or replacement driver for the eMotrobic motherboard.

To get more informations about how to plug this driver, click here.

  • Chip Allegro A4982
  • Input voltage / power: 8-35V (12V advised)
  • Input voltage / logic: 3.3V
  • Direct current per phase: 1A
  • Max. current per phase: 1.5A (with heat sink and cooling)
  • Microstepping: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
  • Protection: overheating
  • No protection against tension inversion
CAUTION: This driver is extremely fragile, it's important to handle with high care! Avoid any contact between fingers and the central chip, polarity inversion or bad placement, be sure to handle the driver, as the potentiometer, when tension is OFF.
Operating errors are not covered by our After Sales Service guarantee.
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