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  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
  • 3D printer UP Mini 2 ES

3D printer UP Mini 2 ES

Portable desktop printer UP Mini 2 ES
The UP Mini 2 is back, in a new generation!
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The UP Mini 2 ES is a more advanced Mini 2 with updated hardware and software.

It retains its predecessor’s full enclosure with built-in HEPA filtration, providing a perfect combination of emissions protection and build chamber temperature stability, crucial for ABS printing.

Enhanced 3D printign workflow:
- Ethernet socket allows you to connect your printer to a wired Local Area Network for maximum security.
- Extra USB port allows you to load sliced print tasks from a USB memory stick and launch the print job from the printer’s LCD touchscreen.


- Sécure Wifi: Connect to and control the Mini 2 ES from any Wi-Fi enabled computer or mobile device running UP Studio or the UP Studio App. Add a printer-specific password for additional post-connection security to keep network hackers at bay.

- Blackout recovery: Should the Mini 2 ES suffer a power loss, printing is paused and the point of interruption is remembered. Once power is re-established, printing can resume and the print job can continue as if nothing had happened.

- UP Studio: Powerful, yet renowned for simplicity and usability. Smart-Support Technology. Both software-assisted calibration and automatic calibration. 3D model error detection and correction. Customizable bed and nozzle temperature settings. Convert 2D images into 3D images. Access to Moshop. Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 or later, MacOS X. Importable file formats: .up3, .ups, .stl, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds, .gcode.

- UP Studio APP: Easy-to-use interface. Model creation with basic building blocks via Puzzle Mode. Convert 2D images into 3D images. Access to Moshop. Printer access via Wi-Fi. Compatible with iOS 8.x or later. Importable file formats: .up3, .ups, .stl.

Distinctive features :
- High print quality: You can’t get better print quality in this price range. The Mini 2 ES prints detailed prototypes and end-use parts with minimal layer line visibility. No other 3D printer costing less than 1500€ can compete with the Mini 2 ES’s ABS printing.

- Recirculating HEPA filtration with activated carbon: Crucial for educators, the mini 2’s internal air filter radically reduces UFP (ultrafine particle) and VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Be confident in a classroom environment knowing your students are safe.

- Full enclosure: Warm air is retained within the build chamber, minimizing the risk of ABS warping while further reducing UFP and VOC environmental impact. Access is easy thanks to front and back doors, plus a lift-off top.

- Touch screen control: An easy-to-use, 4,3” LCD panel puts control of your printer, configuration settings, and print progress monitoring right at your fingertips. The Mini 2 ES is truly touch ‘n print.

- Interchangeable print surface: Choose the surface that fit your needs and easily swap from one surface to another.

- Portable: With an extendible, aluminum carrying handle and weighing just less than 10kgs, transporting the Mini 2 ES is as easy as it gets. At 385 by 255cm, its footprint won’t eat all your workspace.

- Filaments: Compatible with the Tiertime Official PLA and ABS, choose the correct filament depending on your printed part's aim, and select the filament profile adapted, thanks to UP Studio’s pre-programmed filaments profiles.

- Powerfull software: Take the headache out of printer settings. UP Studio and the UP Studio APP were created specifically for UP printers and allow you to take full advantage of their features. Set up prints, adjust smart-support creation, import a wide variety of file formats and perform standard maintenance tasks, all within an easy-to-use interface.

- Automatic nozzle height calibration with software-assisted calibration: Automatically set nozzle height from the touch screen or UP Studio and perform your nine-point bed calibration routine with the guidance of UP Studio, compensating for any variation in surface height from one point to another.

The printer is provided with:

  • A 500g Tiertime Official ABS spool
  • 3 UP Perf boards
  • Tools (bed scraper, filament cutter, nozzle wrench)
  • Power supply

- Minimum layer thickness : 0.15mm
- Automatic nozzle height detection
- 4,3" Touch screen control
- WIFI and Ethernet connectivity, plus USB slot
- HEPA air filtration with activated carbon
- Included spool holder
- Aluminium handle
- Print job storage : 10
- Internal LED lighting



UP Mini2 ES


Printing technology

Melted Extrusion Modeling(MEM)

Build volume

120(W) x 120(H) x 120(D) mm
4.7”(W) x 4.7”(H) x 4.7”(D)

Print head

Single, with quick change mechanism.

Layer thickness

0.15/0.20 /0.25 /0.30 /0.35 mm

Supporting structure

Smart Support Technology:automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable.

Platform leveling

Automatic nozzle height detection, software assisted leveling.

Build platform type

Heated (passively), with perforated print board

Untethered printing


Advanced features

HEPA air filtration, 4,3-inch LCD touch-screen, on-board file storage, aluminum portability handle,


Supported printing material

Official PP3DP filaments (ABS, PLA)


Bundled software

UP Studio software, UP Studio APP

Compatible formats

.up3, .ups, .stl, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds, .gcode


USB, WIFI, Ethernet

Operating System

Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X, iOS 8.x/9.x

Power Supply

Power adapter

110-240VAC,50-60 Hz,90W



Metal frame with plastic case, enclosed.




255mm(W)×365mm (H)×385mm(D)

Support in French and English
The manual is available in French and English, we guarantee 24 months our machines, as we are official resellers in France, aftersales is done in Toulouse, in case of failure due to normal use.

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