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  • PLA Glitter 1.75mm Metallic Gold

PLA Glitter 1.75mm Metallic Gold

1Kg of PLA Glitter Premium 1.75mm Metallic Gold
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PLA GLITTER is a highly aesthetical PLA based filament, one of the most popular materials for 3D printing, with sparkling flakes inside.
As our others PLA, it is slightly modified, so the filament retains the typical features of PLA, but is tougher and less brittle than a classic PLA.
Because of the translucency of PLA combined with the flakes, the colour saturation can be increased by increasing wall thickness.
Easy to print, without any risk to clogg the nozzle.
We recommand a print temperature at 220°C.
Due to its low tendency to warp PLA GLITTER can also be printed without a heated bed. If you have a heated bed the recommended temperature is ± 35-60˚C.

• Beautiful sparkling effect
• Layers are not visible
• Tougher and less brittle compared to regular PLA
• Easy to print
• Low warping
• Limited smell
• Not abrasive

Size   Ø Tolerance Roundness
1,75mm ± 0,05mm ≥ 95%

Physical properties
Description  Testmethod   Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1,24 g/cc
MFR 210°C/2,16 kg ISO 1133 9,56 gr/10 min
Tensile Strength at Yield (MPa) ISO 527 70 Mpa
Strain at yield ISO 527 5%
Strain at break ISO 527 20%
E-Modulus ISO 527 3120 Mpa
Impact strength - Charpy method 23˚C ISO 179 3,4 kJ/m2
Moisture absorption ISO 62 1968 ppm

Thermal properties
Description  Testmethod  Typical value
Printing temp.   215±10°C
Melting temp. ISO 11357 115±35°C
Vicat softening temp. ISO 306 60°C
Glass transition temp. ISO 11357 57°C
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