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  • PLA Strong 3mm Black

PLA Strong 3mm Black

1 KG of PLA Strong 3mm Black
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PLA Strong is our industrial high performance PLA which features extreme performance on speed, mechanical properties and high heat environments. PLA-Strong is perfect for printing speeds of > 120mm/s, allowing you to be more efficient in the same time. Users who use a lot of ABS now have a bio-based alternative material with all the advantages of ABS and none of the disadvantages like shrinking and delamination.

Due to the composition of PLA-Strong the material is already highly crystalline after printing, which increases the stiffness of the material at higher temperatures. When you combine this with annealing the PLA-Strong the material reaches an HDT of 95°C+. Compared to other high temp. resistant PLA types PLA-Strong has the USP of negligible small shrinkage after annealing (the dimensional accuracy is superb).

PLA-Strong has been specifically engineered for industrial applications where you want an easy to print filament with high mechanical properties. Objects that are printed with PLA-Strong will have a semi matte finish which not only looks great but helps concealing layer lines.


PLA-Strong features:

  • Prints like PLA, performs like ABS
  • Engineered for fast printing (> 120mm/s)
  • ABS matching mechanical properties
  • Great heat resistance at higher temperatures
  • HDT after annealing 95°C+
  • Semi matte finish after printing
  • Negligible shrinkage after annealing
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