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  • PLA Draftplast 1.75mm White 1kg
  • PLA Draftplast 1.75mm White 1kg
  • PLA Draftplast 1.75mm White 1kg

PLA Draftplast 1.75mm White 1kg

1kg of PLA Draftplast 1.75mm White (RAL 9017)
Indicated wieght: actual amount of printable material.
14,90 € VAT inc.
12,42 € VAT exc.
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Draftplast is a PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) filament that stands out from the others by its agressive price, but without neglecting quality.

To garrantee it, it's made from virgin Ingeo Natureworks pellets, with requirements of diameter control and regularity disproportionate in compare with other filaments in this range of price.

You might appreciate an proper and tidy winding which is a truly satisfying experience, that will garantee unhindered printings.

It is provided in a vacuum packaging with a dehumidifier packet.

Our printing recommendations:

Extrusion temperature 190 - 120°C
Heatbed temperature 0 - 60°C
Printing speed 3600 - 6000mm/min
Withdrawal distance 0,4 - 0,6mm
Withdrawal speed 300 - 500mm/min
Extrusion coeff. 0,98

Technical features:

Density at 20°C 1,24g/cm³ (ISO1183)
Melting point 145 - 160°C (ISO11357)
Glass transition 55 - 60°C (ISO11357)