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  • Kit PCB Heatbed and Thermistor
  • Kit PCB Heatbed and Thermistor

Kit PCB Heatbed and Thermistor

PCB heatbed MK2a wired and Thermistor 100k wired
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Obsolete article, replaced by the Kit aluminium board, with heatpatch and thermistor.

Depending on the printed polymere, the adherence to the bed can vary and the use of a heated bed can be necessary, particularly for printing ABS.
The MK2 heatbed is the most popular and simple solution. Easy to intall, the heatbed needs from 7 to 10A and stably reach 100°C in a few minutes
Sold wired with an integrated cabled thermistor.

  • ABS : 90C° + Polyimide
  • PLA : 60C° + Polyimide (or masking tape)
  • The MK2 Heatbed is made of epoxy. It can wrap with heatness. We recommend the use of a flat and rigid surface to maintain the flatness of the printing surface, such as a glass sheet covered with polyimide tape or masking tape.
  • Dimensions: 214mm x 214mm
  • Power: 120W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Copper thickness: 35* on each face
  • Epcos 100k thermistor cabled with connector
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