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  • Electronic kit Ramps 1.4

Electronic kit Ramps 1.4

Solution based on Arduino Mega
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This Ramps kit includes an Arduino Mega2560 original with a Ramps 1.4 shield, 4 stepsticks and 3 mechanical endstops, in order to control the 4 axis of your machine depending on your computer's instructions.
Our kits are guaranteed, the quality of the components selected is highly above the several clones you can find on the net.

Features of the Ramps :
  • Input tension: 12V
  • Controlable axis: X,Y,Z + 2 extruders (one free plug on the kit)
  • Temperature input: 3
  • Power output: 3 (heating parts or cooling)
  • Endstop input: 6
  • Available output for LCD display
  • Servo output: 4 
Our RAMPS are made to the original specifications, and using quality components, comming from Digikey:
- The connectors are gold plated to avoid oxydation, and to limit contact failure with the Arduino
- The PCB are made with 2 Oz copper to avoid overheating and fire hazard (which occures with bad quality boards)
- The mosfets are from ST Microelectronic
- The polyswitchs (rebootable fuses) are from Bourns

The kit includes:
  • Arduino Mega 2560 original
  • Ramps 1.4 Shield
  • 4 Stepsticks QC passed
  • 3 mechanical endstops boards kit
  • 1 USB cable

More informations:
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