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  • Ramps 1.4 Shield standalone

Ramps 1.4 Shield standalone

Ramps board compatible Arduino Mega 2560 allow you to control all electronic device on a single board
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The Ramps 1.4 is an open-source shield (daughterboardof a control board) that interfaces the electric elements with the Arduino 2560 board.

Our Ramps meets the original requirements, and using good quality components, coming from Digikey :
- The connectors are gold plated to avoid oxydation and prevent from contact failures with the Arduino
- The PCB are made with 2Oz copper to prevent from warming and fire hazards, frequently due to bad quality boards
- The mosfets are from the ST Microelectronic brand
- The polyswitchs are from the Bourns brand

  • Compatible Arduino Mega 2560
  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Pilotable axis: X,Y,Z + 2 extruders
  • Temperature input: 3
  • Power output: 3 (heating parts or cooling)
  • Endstop input: 6
  • LCD connection
  • Servomotor output: 4

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