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Power supply 12V 400W
Power supply 12V 400WSwitch-mode power supply 12V 400W Compatible, for example, with the Prusa I3 Rework 1.0 and 1.5, and with the OrdBot.
49,90 € VAT inc.
41,58 € VAT exc.
Power supply 12V 250W
Power supply 12V 250WSwitch-mode power supply 12V 250W  
39,90 € VAT inc.
33,25 € VAT exc.
Power supply 12V 150W
Power supply 12V 150WSwitch-mode power supply 12V 150W, for low power machines (not suitable for supplying an MK2 or MK3 heatbed).  
26,20 € VAT inc.
21,83 € VAT exc.
Power supply 24V 150W
Power supply 24V 150W24V 6A power supply
Out of stock
MEAN WELL power supply 24V 320W
MEAN WELL power supply 24V 320WMEAN WELL Switch-mode power supply 24V 320W
60,00 € VAT inc.
50,00 € VAT exc.
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