Electronic boards

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USB A-B 5 pins
USB A-B 5 pins5 Pins USB Type A-to-B dual ended
3,90 € VAT inc.
3,25 € VAT exc.
Thermistor NTC100K
Thermistor NTC100KFor temperature measurements
1,49 € VAT inc.
1,24 € VAT exc.
Before Discount :
3,50 € VAT inc. / 2,92 € VAT exc.
Stepper driver Stepsticks A4988
Stepper driver Stepsticks A4988Based on A4988 chip with heatsink. Max current per coil: 1.75A
7,00 € VAT inc.
5,83 € VAT exc.
Electronic kit Ramps 1.4
Electronic kit Ramps 1.4Solution based on Arduino Mega
Out of stock
Ramps 1.4 Shield standalone
Ramps 1.4 Shield standaloneRamps board compatible Arduino Mega 2560 allow you to control all electronic device on a single board
Out of stock
Arduino(tm) MEGA 2560
Arduino(tm) MEGA 2560Arduino(tm) Mega 2560 board
Out of stock
Stepper Driver DRV8825
Stepper Driver DRV8825Based on DRV8825 chip. Maximum current: 2.2A
10,00 € VAT inc.
8,33 € VAT exc.
Electronic kit Teensylu
Electronic kit Teensylu Minimalistic and integrated solution
29,89 € VAT inc.
24,91 € VAT exc.
Before Discount :
69,00 € VAT inc. / 57,50 € VAT exc.
Heatsink for Stepstick
Heatsink for StepstickAluminum heatsink for Stepstick
0,14 € VAT inc.
0,12 € VAT exc.
Before Discount :
0,50 € VAT inc. / 0,42 € VAT exc.
CNC Shield GRBL compatible
CNC Shield GRBL compatibleThe CNC shield for Arduino UNO
Out of stock
Stepper driver TB6600
Stepper driver TB6600 Based on the Toshiba TB6600 Max current per coil: 4.5A
Out of stock
Stepper driver M542
Stepper driver M542High torque stepper driver solution. Max current per coil: 4.2A
55,00 € VAT inc.
45,83 € VAT exc.
Arduino(tm) UNO
Arduino(tm) UNOArduino(tm) NANO board
24,00 € VAT inc.
20,00 € VAT exc.
eMotronic board
eMotronic boardComplete integrated solution, based on ARM Cortex-M3. 32-bit
79,00 € VAT inc.
65,83 € VAT exc.
C-board electronic board
C-board electronic boardElectronic board dedicated to the MicroDelta Rework's core.
5,00 € VAT inc.
4,17 € VAT exc.
Stepper driver for eMotronic board
Stepper driver for eMotronic boardBased on A4982 chip. Max current per coil: 1.5A
Out of stock
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