Secured payment

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Our secured payment methods

With SSL

Using Visa/Mastercard/Others credit cards

It is the most secured payment method, and validation is immediate. Moreover, throught this method, your order will be take in charge faster by our logistic services.

Payment by credit cards is secured thanks to 3D secure by Payzen.

Using Bank transfer.

Used by professionals, private individuals, or foreigners, this payment methos is simple and fast.

Using cheque

Cheque payment is useful for people who doesn't want to communicate their credit cards information on the iternet. This method is very practical, for people who does not trust on the online payment.

Using phone, by secured payment terminal

Easy, and simple to use, phonning payent is useful for persons who want to have more information on products and realized directly payment by phone with our team.

Using Paypal

This is an online secured payment platform which offers to Paypal owner's account to make his purchases in security. Considering that datas have not been asked, this payment method remain favoured.

Using Draft Payment

Public organizations can order by order form or quotation. The payment is done by draft.

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