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3D printer UP Plus 2
3D printer UP Plus 2Portable desktop printer UP Plus 2 The most awarded 3D printer  
3D Printers Plug & Play
Out of stock
3D printer UP Mini 2
3D printer UP Mini 2Portable desktop printer UP Mini 2 Big superb performance, mini price.
3D Printers Plug & PlayPanier
750,00 € VAT inc.
625,00 € VAT exc.
3D printer UP Box +
3D printer UP Box +Portable desktop printer UP Box +
3D Printers Plug & PlayPanier
2 268,00 € VAT inc.
1 890,00 € VAT exc.
MicroDelta Rework 3D printer plug & play
MicroDelta Rework 3D printer plug & playMicro Delta Rework : Intuitive and affordable 3DPrinter
3D Printers Plug & PlayPanier
600,00 € VAT inc.
500,00 € VAT exc.
MicroDelta Original 3D printer
MicroDelta OriginalµDelta: Intuitive and cheap 3DPrinter
Kits & ReprapPanier
Price from
300,00 € VAT inc.

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Prusa i3 Rework 1.5
Prusa I3 Rework 1.5Launched in 2013, our 3D printer evolved to Prusa i3 Rework 1.5 * Inductive auto-leveling * Aluminum Heatbed * Z trapezoidal screw * 1.75mm nozzle
Kits & Reprap
Out of stock
MicroDelta Rework 3D printer
MicroDelta Rework 3D printerMicro Delta Rework : Intuitive and affordable 3DPrinter
Kits & ReprapPanier
400,00 € VAT inc.
333,33 € VAT exc.
I3 Metal Motion 3D printer
I3 Metal Motion 3D printerI3 Metal Motion 3D printer Our I3 just had a facelift!
Kits & ReprapPanier
650,00 € VAT inc.
541,67 € VAT exc.
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