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  • PLA Premium 1.75mm Black Light 1kg

PLA Premium 1.75mm Black Light 1kg

1Kg of PLA Premium 1.75mm Black Light
Indicated wieght: actual amount of printable material.
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Our PLA Black Light Premium reflects black light. It is a tough, easy to use high grade PLA type of filament, ideal for 3D printing. Slightly modified, the filament 
retains the typical features of PLA, but makes it tougher and less brittle. Due to a low shrinkage factor our PLA Premium will not 
deform after cooling. Poly Lactic Acid is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources and one of the 
most popular materials for 3D printing. 

• Reflects black light
• Tougher and less brittle compared to regular PLA
• Easy to print at low temperature
• Low warping
• Biodegradable
• Limited smell

Size   Ø Tolerance Roundness
1,75mm ± 0,05mm ≥ 95%
2,85mm  ± 0,10mm ≥ 95%

Physical properties
Description  Testmethod   Typical value
Specific gravity ASTM D1505 1,24 g/cc
MFI - 6,0 g/10 min
Tensile strength ASTM D882 110 MPa (MD)
145 MPa (TD)
Elongation at break ASTM D882 160% (MD) 
100% (TD)
Tensile modulus ASTM D882 3310 MPa (MD) 
3860 Mpa (TD)
Impact Strength - 7,5 KJ/m²

Thermal properties
Description  Testmethod  Typical value
Printing temperature - 180-210°C
Melting temperature - 210°C ± 10°C
Melting point ASTM D3418 145-160°C
vicat softening temperature ISO 306 ± 60°C