• eMotronic board
  • eMotronic board

eMotronic board

Complete integrated solution, based on ARM Cortex-M3. 32-bit
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The eMotronic® board is an opensource electronic control board, simplified, based on the NXP LPC1768 (ARM Cortex M3, 32-bits). This solution can control up to 5 axis.
eMotion Tech has developped for you, the eMotronic board, for a perfect integration in our 3D printers.

What the eMotronic board promise you:
  • A powerfull electronic board embedded with an ARM Cortex M3 clocked at 96Mhz to get the best of your 3D printer
  • Operating in 12 or 24V with 2 protection fuses
  • 5 stepsticks Allegro A4982 (maximum 2A per phase) integrated, but breakable, so replaceable with 7 solder points
  • Firmware with intuitive configuration directly from your micro SD card
  • An extension slot for an easy wiring of the heated parts
  • 3 temperature input
  • 4 power output (one is dedicated to the heatbed (maximum 15A))
  • 4 endstop input
  • 1 opto-coupled input, integrated for an inductive/capacitive sensor
  • 3 extention ports (LCD, Ethernet, ...)

The kit includes:
  • an eMotronic board
  • one TF card

Advanced caracteristics of the eMotronic board:
  • Dimensions: 120 x 81.4mm
  • Output:
    • 5x stepsticks Allegro A4982 (maximum 2A)
    • High power output: 4 (one is dedicated to the heatbed (maximum 15A))
    • Low power output: 2 (1A max)
  • Connectivity :
    • Input tension: 12-24V per terminal board (supporting 10A and 15A) or by DC jack 5.5 x 2.5mm in front (up to 10A) with the possibility of adding an ON/OFF switch
    • Mini USB slot
    • TF card slot
    • Temperature input: 3
    • Endstop input: 4 (different colours)
    • Extension slot dedicated to the hotend block (supporting 2 high power outputs (hotends) and 2 low power outputs (fans, LED), 2 thermistors and power supply)
    • Extension  slot (2x I2C output + SPI output + UART)
    • ETHERNET extension slot (comming soon)
    • In front inputs: jack 2.5mm and Molex 3pin for a sensor or a probe
    • 3x power supply outputs
  • Protection:
    • 2 power lines: 10A + 15A dedicated to the heatbed
    • Protection against polarity reversal on the 10A line
    • PTC fuse on the logic line
  • Firmware : Smoothie-compatible

For more informations about the firmware and its configuration:
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